About the Firm

I started my firm because people frequently contacted my office looking for a lawyer to help with real estate and land use problems. I enjoyed real estate and land use work and knew I could help people with these problems. So, I decided to start a law firm focused on real estate litigation and land use.

In addition to focusing on real estate litigation and land use, I want to help individuals and small businesses. I strive to make my firm accessible to people with small and large problems. So, how do I accomplish that?

  1. First, my law firm is virtual. I work out of a shared use space that provides plenty of conference rooms for confidential client meetings. I use video conferencing, phone calls, emails, and messaging to connect with clients. For tech savvy clients, I offer a secure client portal to access documents, messages, calendars, and other information related to their cases. A virtual practice reduces the time clients must take off from work or other life activities, allows clients to more easily contact me in the way that clients prefer to communicate, and reduces client costs.
  2. Second, my law firm serves clients well. I listen carefully to clients’ concerns, return phone calls and emails in a timely manner, answer questions directly, and tell clients about all of their options for solving legal problems. I respect clients’ time by scheduling meetings only when necessary and communicating by phone, email, and messaging.
  3. Finally, my law firm focuses on helping clients solve their problems and achieving their goals. To do that, I research all the potential solutions and educate clients on the pros and cons of each potential solution. Then, clients can select solutions that meet their expectations and budgets.